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I originally shared streams on another website in 2017-2019, I decided to make it into something a little bigger and here you are!
This site is about discovery and my end goal is for the user to find something they (or yourself) would enjoy! I have added a variety of streams
along with "Categories" that may make it easier for you to specific games/streams. There are no special requirements and its a free tool for everyone to use.

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One man can only do so much!
If you think you can help around the site (Adding Features, Bug Reports, Testing ) feel free to contact me!

9/12/2020 - More visual updates, New multiplayer category is a merge of the first 3 categories
(Apex Legends, Paladins, Valorant) more games will be added with next update (Call Of Duty, Overwatch, Fall Guys, etc.)
Added the Speedrun and Retro categories. Mixed up the scripts so its a bit more random. Removed the all streams area and replaced it with clips.

9/6/2020 - Added 2 more streams on the homepage and added a wide variety of streams along with it.

8/19/2020 - Added more streams, fixed video sizes.

8/15/2020 - Fixed images breaking on some pages, more streams added.

7/29/2020 - Tweaked categories to have there own styles.

7/21/2020 - Game categories added for Apex Legends, Paladins and Valorant.

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